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ideas that change things.  this is what defines us.  this is what drives frontburnercreative. at frontburner, we believe that anybody, anywhere can wake up in the morning and decide to change the world.  it all starts with an idea.  inspiring social movements, innovative medical advancements, staggering achievements in technology...all of these things started with an idea.  good ideas can change people.  great ideas can change the world.  frontburnercreative is dedicated to moving ideas forward that change the world.  we are dedicated to the creative use of the arts to inspire a world and to move people.  all of our projects share this common thread.  so check out what's on the frontburner.  then join with us. because together we can change the world.

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on the frontburner:  the rosa project
the rosa project started in dearborn, michigan when founder jonathan grow climbed on a green and yellow bus from montgomery, alabama.  no, he wasn't bound for alabama.  this bus was a part of a civil rights exhibit that celebrated the courageous decision that rosa louise parks made in 1955 when she took a stand by sitting down and set in motion events that would spur on a modern movement that would change america, and the world, forever.  we celebrate rosa through this project because she decided to show up and be true to who she was.  and that is an idea that changes things.  there are more plans for this project, but for now please enjoy this tiny seed that we are planting into the culture.

you can support the rosa parks institute and the work they're doing by visiting them at:

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what's your idea
developing an idea can feel very daunting. sometimes it just takes sharing your idea with one person to help develop the idea and to discover that it isn't impossible after all.  write your idea down and find one person you can share it with.  then make it real by saying it out loud. sharing it with someone can help you to get feedback, to find out what works and what doesn't, and to refine your idea.  so share your idea with someone today.  because every "idea that changes things" didn't really start to change things until someone decided to say it out loud.  so say it out loud today.  if you'd like to say it "out loud" to us, reach out to us at info@frontburnercreative.comwhat's your idea?
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